Great RPG Blogs:

Ars Lundi

Roleplaying theory from Ben Robbins — a superb (if infrequently updated) site.

Role-playing Games – Stack Exchange

Not a blog per se, but a great resource. Type in a question, get a community of interested roleplayers to answer 🙂

Gnome Stew

Great Game Mastering advice from an inspirational blog.

Call of Cthulhu Resources:

Arguably the home of Call of Cthulhu online. A wealth of material for Keepers and other aficionados.

H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society

Cthulhu LARPers gone large. Their handouts and fonts are fantastic. So too the radio plays.

H.P. Lovecraft dot com

Complete collection of Lovecraft’s writings.


Mythos related blog collecting links to useful play aids, props and resources.

Vampire the Requiem Resources:

Mr Gone

More editable character sheets than you can poke a stick at.

Other cool stuff:

The Forge

Home of the indie RPG revolution.

Spirit of the Century

Recommended by a friend, the GMing advice is top notch.

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