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Eclipse Phase: first play thoughts

2 Nov

The other night I had ran my first session of the transhuman roleplaying game Eclipse Phase.  I was initially attracted me to its dark science fiction setting and the novel approach to player character life/death. A central conceit is that technology has advanced to a point where the human mind can be mapped and transferred into new genetically engineered bodies.  This changes the entire dynamic of a game where ‘death’ is only ever temporary as long as a character has a back up of their mind. Continue reading


Quick idea for introducing players to a new game setting

1 Dec

I’ve been toying with running a new campaign when I’ve wrapped on my Vampire the Requiem chronicle. I quite like elements of the Cthulhu Tech setting, but its system is a dog. Recently I’ve come across Eclipse Phase, which is a bit more ‘out there’ in terms of setting, but from an initial skim of the rulebook, seems like a fun opportunity to mess with player expectations.

While this decision is some way off, I was struck with a quick idea for introducing players to a radically different new setting…

Continue reading

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