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Cthulhu Tech Rules Overview

6 Jan

Here’s a quick info sheet I threw together for a one-shot Cthulhu Tech game I’ll be running on the weekend. I’ll print out a couple of copies for the table so the players can reference it. Other than this and character sheets, all other hand outs will be distributed to the players iPhones in game. Not sure if this gimmick will work, but I’m keen to bring a bit of tech to the table to add to the setting.

CthulhuTech – quick rules guide (168KB PDF)

FYI My approach will be very stripped back, non mecha version of the world setting. With a lot of back story tinkering to make it fit the way I see an Aeon war panning out. Characters will be Egyptian, Syrian and Israeli (these countries having put their differences aside in the wake of unspeakable horrors and alien invasions). Looks like it might pan out to be a good session. I might put up some notes next week if I feel it’s worth putting out there.


Quick idea for introducing players to a new game setting

1 Dec

I’ve been toying with running a new campaign when I’ve wrapped on my Vampire the Requiem chronicle. I quite like elements of the Cthulhu Tech setting, but its system is a dog. Recently I’ve come across Eclipse Phase, which is a bit more ‘out there’ in terms of setting, but from an initial skim of the rulebook, seems like a fun opportunity to mess with player expectations.

While this decision is some way off, I was struck with a quick idea for introducing players to a radically different new setting…

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