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Hiatus and assessment

3 Aug

I guess it’s the nature of blogs that they can slip away from you. Various events have conspired against this blog recently, pushing it to the bottom of my ‘to do’ list. A poor excuse, of course. Cracking open my analytics today I cast an eye over which pages have been getting all the hits. Which has lead me to reassess what I’m trying to achieve with this site. But I’ll get to that a little later. Let’s look at those stats. Continue reading


More soon!

10 Mar

Well… I’ve been busy. This has to be the most common excuse for not updating a blog, and I’m sure that in almost all cases it’s true. In this instance, however, the business has also impacted on my availability to run sessions, play sessions, and generally think about sessions — which has lead to a hiatus of sorts from a Rolelplaying related blog.

However, things are about to change, damn it! Next weekend I return to Blood Money with it’s finale a fortnight after that. No doubt this will prompt further ruminations and materials that will surface on this blog.

For the time being, however, here’s a great article about importance of roleplaying for developing life skills.

What can a GM learn from being a player?

26 Nov

I was recently fortunate enough to get to play in two sessions with two different GMs. One a one-shot fantasy setting while a friend was over from Japan where we played philosopher assassins (who did a lot more philosophising than following the plot). The other was the first session of a globe-spanning Call of Cthulhu campaign that started at a symposium in Oxford. It will be  played sporadically when that GM is over in Australia on work from the UK. (It would seem that I have a lot of jet setting friends…) Continue reading

Go here: Role-playing Games – Stack Exchange

10 Nov

I was pleasantly surprised to recently discover Role-playing Games – Stack Exchange. It’s still Beta testing at the moment, but it’s a great use of Stack Exchange for roleplayers to seek advice from other roleplayers. This is their official description:

This is a free, community driven Q&A for gamemasters and players of tabletop, paper-and-pencil role-playing games. It was created through the open democratic process defined at Stack Exchange Area 51.

So why not check it out and contribute to the discussion.

(It gives awards merit badges and ratings which is a nifty little incentive to maintain a congenial, community atmosphere!)

Bringing it all together: the Campaign Manifesto

22 Oct

I’ve been busy preparing for Blood Money, my Vampire the Requiem campaign set in Moscow. One of the challenges I’ve set myself it to make it a very visceral, exciting and player character oriented campaign. One of the great things about VtR is that it’s at both an empowering game for players — they’re undead fiends of the night, mortals are but cattle to them… — and a way to tell poignant stories — they’re undead fiends of the night, they’re forgetting what it’s like to me human… I’ve made a few notes, my campaign manifesto,  to keep me on track and act as a reference not only when planning the session but also running it: Continue reading

Top 5 Tips for a successful Games Master

13 Oct sistine chapel and a d20

There is a lot of advice online there on how to GM successfully. Some great examples include this, this and this. Of course, like anyone who’s spent a bit of time thinking about the hobby, I have my own take, my 5 key tips to being a good GM… Continue reading

Trapped by Cliché at Miskatonic University!

30 Sep

I found myself largely pleased but a little troubled from Sunday night’s Call of Cthulhu session. For a one shot adventure it went pretty well —it started in media res with our three player characters Viktor, Simon and Violet all attending the Thaw Ball at Miskatonic U in the first week of the Winter-Spring semester. Continue reading

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