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Why Music is a Must in Roleplaying

8 Oct Lustmord Heresy album cover

Music really improves a roleplaying session. It can help transition players to the tone of a new scene, increase the tension  as a creature of shadow stalks the PCs down dark alley, up the adrenaline for a high-stakes action sequence or give the right amount of demonic punch to a dire ritual going on the Plateau of Leng…

Nowadays, putting together music for a session is easy. It’s a far cry from laborious task of switching out vinyl on the turntable mid-session or picking tracks to burn out on to a CD. MP3 players and playlists  make the GM’s task of organising a selection of nuanced, mood-enhancing music a real joy.
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Trapped by Cliché at Miskatonic University!

30 Sep

I found myself largely pleased but a little troubled from Sunday night’s Call of Cthulhu session. For a one shot adventure it went pretty well —it started in media res with our three player characters Viktor, Simon and Violet all attending the Thaw Ball at Miskatonic U in the first week of the Winter-Spring semester. Continue reading

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