Hiatus and assessment

3 Aug

I guess it’s the nature of blogs that they can slip away from you. Various events have conspired against this blog recently, pushing it to the bottom of my ‘to do’ list. A poor excuse, of course. Cracking open my analytics today I cast an eye over which pages have been getting all the hits. Which has lead me to reassess what I’m trying to achieve with this site. But I’ll get to that a little later. Let’s look at those stats.

Excluding the home page, which has the greatest number of page visits (1/3 of all visits to the site), the  top ten most visited pages are as follows:

1. Arkham Advertiser Editable PDF

No surprises here. This download went gang busters since the moment it went online. It was also the post that received a bit of cross linking from other blogs (always a nice feeling). While this site is about discussing roleplaying generally with a particular focus on Call of Cthulhu and Vampire the Requiem, the success of this page set a pattern for the rest of the top ten — most people come here seeking information on Call of Cthulhu.

2. Call of Cthulhu lite: a cut down charactersheet

While this page has only received half the hits of the editable advertiser, it is closer to my heart being an attempt to put out a straightforward, revised rules set for the game. The fact that people are downloading and using this character sheet has me very encouraged!


No surprises here. People looking for useful stuff. However, this page is almost entirely accessed from within the site and not driving any page views from Google or other sources.

4. Map of Miskatonic Univerisity

It took me many hours to make this map and I’m pleased to see that a Google search for ‘misktaonic university map‘ ranks this site 7th and 8th (first and second spot being taken up by Wikipedia).

5. Vampire the Requiem – New Player Primer

The first appearance of a Vampire the Requiem post. Again, a lot of time went into this, so I’m glad to see others are finding it useful.

6. BAM! BAM! Ammo record sheets

I just threw up this old play aid to see how it was received and I was pleasantly surprised. The only general play aid and one that is doing well.

7. Why Music is a Must in Roleplaying

The first appearance of a article on roleplaying generally. I suspect a lot of what drives the traffic here are people searching for the artists mentioned (Lustmord specifically).

8. Blood sacks! Vitae play aid for Vampire the Requiem

Another VtR related play aid….

9. Trapped by Cliché at Miskatonic University!

A discussion of roleplaying theory with a Call of Cthulhu example.

10. Vampires of Moscow – the player proposition

My second ever post. Is that why it’s up here? Hard to know. But another VtR post.


4 pages are directly related to Call of Cthulhu (although 3 of these are in the top five, account for 1/3 of all traffic to the site)

3 pages are directly related to Vampire the Requiem

7 of the pages have access to downloadable play aids/handouts

2 pages about  roleplaying generally


It’s pretty clear that people like free stuff. This is no news to anyone but worth noting. Handouts and play aids are what most people come here looking for and of those the come after Call of Cthulhu stuff. Which begs the question should I make the blog more Cthulhu focused? It certainly seems like a very active online community and well supported by sites like Yog-Sothoth where I post links to the blog. I guess there’s no harm in realigning the focuss a little. Which is not to say that other matters won’t be discussed, but in terms of keeping my interest in the blog and it’s success this certainly seems like a worthwhile endeavor.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t finish out posting info about my Vampire campaign (after all, it was a key motivator in the inception of the blog in the first place). But now that that campaign is over, and already having a raft of Call of Cthulhu resources that have never seen the light of day, it seems more likely that things Lovecraftian might move to centre stage.



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