Blood Money 2: Dark Territories (Part 1)

4 May

Before moving on to the denizens of Moscow’s vampire community, is is necessary to give some detail on the territories they control. The city itself was a central ‘character’ in my Blood Money Chronicle and as such I thought I’d share my brief notes that tend to focus on mood and atmosphere. Important in understanding what is being discussed is the Moscow city map, available here. Some general notes on the ethos behind the setting are also available here.

A city divided…

Although the Crones hold sway over Moscow, their recent ascension to power was not sweeping and the other Covenants hold on to territories of their own. The Prince, Rusalka, would hold that this is by her decree, and while this assertion is not without some authority, it is also true that the Crones had to forfeit these territories in order to secure their authority.

The vampire territories are broken up by the same administrative Okrugs (or districts) as the kine use in Moscow. Creatures of ceremony and ritual the Crones have renamed these based on the history and significance of the areas occupied.

Permission to travel into the districts must be sought from the regent or a member of the applicable Covenant with relevant authority. This channels the flow of undead movement within the city towards its centre, the Central Administrative  Okrug or The Hill. The Hill is a defacto a  ‘embassy’ where by deals between clans are made, the best hunting is found and the vampire Elysium is located. It is a place of hedonistic excess, secret dealings and brutal violence and as such is very popular amongst the kindred.

The Districts and their Regents are as follows:


Zelenograd 37 km out of Moscow
Covenant: Lancae Sanctum
Regent: Nominally Kamilla (actually Simeon the Lancae Sanctum Priscus)

Notes: Modern, sleek, technology centre for Moscow (think the Silicon Valley of Russia). New buildings going up, a stark contrast to the history and decay of Moscow. Surrounded by farmlands and primary industries (quarries, wood mills, truck stops and

Accessing the Siege (a nod to Tarkovsky’s Stalker).

The Crones have placed a ward around Zelenograd using soil blood left over from the Battle of Moscow. This ward has bound many Likho to the area. Anyone who does not know the correct pathways through this defensive ring around the satellite city will be attacked and slain by the spirits.

There are only a handful of Crones who know the pathways, one of which being Andrei, who is bound to Kamilla. If she can be convinced that the players should have access to the city, Kamilla will instruct Andrei to guide the characters through the zone, steering them clear from the Likho. Those with Auspex may catch glimpses of these spirits — one eyed, disembodied heads with skin stretched across their skulls and a fading shadow where their gaunt body should be. In game terms the Likho cannot be fought and those who stray from the path will pay with their unlives.

Andrei has no answers as to how to get out of The Siege. As far as he knows the journey is only one way.


Northern Administrative Okrug
Covenant: Carthian Movement
Regent: Timur

Notes: Old canals and industrial estates. Bohemian quarter and the home to Moscow State University. Students and bohemians, new trends and ideas — all emerge from here.


North East Administrative Okrug
Covenant: Cricle of the Crone
Regent: Rusalka

Notes: Dotted with dark parks and shrouded forests, home to mists and wild animals. Rumours of wolves and giant owls inhabiting the parks. During the summer months great flocks of bats emerge from the trees to cross the moon, during the winter they hibernate and chitter beneath the ground. Damp and dripping, this place smells of earth.


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