Blood Money 1: Night History

27 Apr

With a little extra time on my hands I’ve decided to put up my notes for my Vampire: The Requiem chronicle, Blood Money. I’m starting with a short overview of the history of the city. A lot of context and information can be found in this blog already here, here, here and here. Once the notes have all gone up online, I’ll drop a complete archive of things in the Downloads section of this blog.

Blood Money: Night History

This setting is focused very much on the now. While there will be ancient enmities ad grudges, few kindred survive their first decade and barely any make it past 100 years. Moscow’s vampire community is build on the bones of its neonates, this is a secret to no one. As such the recent history of Moscow is what counts when it comes to providing a background to the current state of play.


Ascendant Power: Lancae Sanctum
Prince: Simeon the Penitent (in Torpor until recently)

The Lancae Sanctum established their power base in pre-Industrial Moscow using fear and intolerance as their weapons against the Circle of the Crone and the Invictus. This is where their ancient enmity started. 


Ascendant Power: The Carthian Movement
Prince: Jacob (Deceased)

Mirrored alongside the Kine revolution, the new ideologies of the militant Carthians took hold and the Lancae Sanctum were overthrown. For a brief time all Kindred were considered equals, although, as some pointed out, this could never really be possible given the nature of the Vinculum and the blood potency of elders. As their dream faded the Carthians tried to stay in power using more desperate means.


Ascendant Power: The Invictus
Prince: Vsevolod (Deceased)

Working from with in the Invictus brought about a silent coup. The structures of the Carthians held, but were replaced by a more bureaucratic, totalitarian authority. For a time the Invictus ruled Moscow with an iron fist and complete distrust for all other Covenants.


Ascendant Power: Circle of the Crone
Prince: Rusalka the Bloody Handed

With the assistance of the Carthians and Ordo Dracul, the Crones fought the Invictus to a begrudging surrender. A detente was achieved through the distribution of the Administrative Okrugs among the various factions and the blood witches secured their tentative hold over Moscow. A cold war has been fought ever since.


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