Cthulhu lite: Modern and Gaslight character sheets

3 Feb

Over at Yog-Sothoth fellow forum member Mysterioso suggested that a Gaslight and Modern version of my cut down character sheet would be useful. So here they are. They are much the same as the 1920s version (the notes on the “Cthulhu lite” system can be found here), with the following exceptions:

Gaslight: The skill “Drive” has been replaced with “Ride”. For simplicity this skill can also be used to drive carriages. Let’s not split hairs over such things.

Modern: The specialisation “Computers” should be added to the Investigation skill.

Cthulhu character sheet lite – Gaslight (221KB PDF)

Cthulhu character sheet lite – Modern (250KB PDF)

As always, I’d love to hear back from anyone who’s used these in their sessions 🙂


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