Vampires of Moscow – the player proposition

17 Sep

I like to start my campaigns with a ‘player pitch’ . A brief synopsis setting out the tone, theme and expectations for what I plan to run. Over the years I’ve found that this really assists players in matching their characters to the campaign on offer. Take Call of Cthulhu for example. There is a lot of scope to a potential campaign — Will this be a two-fisted tale of high adventure or a subtle character piece of suspense and looming dread? The player pitch can define this.

It’s also a useful resource for the GM and helps to get the juices flowing and a distillation of what vibe you want to achieve. As I will discuss in other parts of this blog, the scope of the game experience isn’t simply limited to session time. Campaigns can be greatly improved by the additional material the GM provides be it the player pitch, handouts, campaign blogs and other world building information. But as I said, more of that later. For now here’s my pitch for the Vampire the Requiem game I’ll be starting in a few weeks.

Blood Money

An ultra gritty, Eurotrash, neo-noir, political thriller where unlife is cheap.

6-sessions of Vampire: the Requiem set in Moscow.

Three recently-turned undead are thrown into a world of deep intrigue and brutal violence. This is modern Moscow with its excess and poverty, lawlessness and bravado. A place where old superstitions prove true and the beast lurks just outside your door.

In this city Vampires meet their final death with surprising ease and dreams of immortality can fade like the mist at daybreak. But living like there’s no tomorrow has its perks and reckless acts often offer the sweetest rewards. Keep moving or end up as ash, it’s the only way to survive.


3 Responses to “Vampires of Moscow – the player proposition”

  1. Jason Badower October 2, 2010 at 2:01 pm #

    You would go to incredible lengths for these pitches too. I remember sheafs of bound, treated paper with fastidiously picked fonts. I remember carefully cropped, treated images each one hinting at a larger, deeper canvas.

    And each of these treatments not only invited me to play in your elaborate world, but also how much work and effort you had invested in the game and how much we should reciprocate as players.


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